About Tim

“I look at each client individually to assess their needs, and treat them with respect, the way I want to be treated. I am passionate about my life’s work, and I want all my clients to succeed.”

I am a photographer, designer, marketing specialist, husband, father, and friend, not necessarily in that order!

A graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, I started creating professional design and photography in 1987. I’ve managed most aspects of marketing for large and small companies and nonprofits. I also worked in the corporate world managing the entire communications function. My experience includes print, direct mail, broadcast, advertising, and marketing.

I balance creativity with business sense, and deeply understand deadlines and budgets. I believe that humor makes work fun, so you can expect to laugh when we work together.

I also know that I cannot and do not want to work in a vacuum. That’s why I collaborate with other communications professionals, selecting the perfect fit for each client as needed. Living and working in Asheville, NC, I have an extraordinary talent pool to tap into.

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